April 23, 2009

my clothing jinx

I have really only made three pieces of clothing in my life - 1st was a pair of shorts that i spent hours on in sewing class and at home to wear to disneyland with my friends - the first day i wore them i moved too quickly and rip - i ripped the fabric so they were a goner - 2nd i made a beautiful blessing dress in high school for my kids and i spend hours sewing and hand stitching the fabric - and it made a lovely dress that gracie got to wear -but since it is looking more like gracie will be an only child -bam- the dress only got worn once - and 3rd this easter dress- i finished it late saturday night - the saturday after easter-
anyhow and when i finished it i turned to ben and said she had better not get this dirty because i don't know how well it will hold up in the wash -anyhow so sunday morning we get up i get gracie in the bath and do her hair and put her in her easter dress - well we still had a couple of hours until church started and that was where i went wrong - because about an hour before church starts ben brings me gracie and a soaken wet dress - oh yes gracie had peed in her dress while sitting in a chair and so the fabric was so kind and absorbed all the moisture - and so the dress had to be washed! at least my other clothing got to be worn out of the house this one didn't even make it to church!
anyhow we washed it later and suprisingly it held together so my one time only clothing wear jinx did not work this time! yahh - and maybe this sunday she can finally wear her easter dress hahah

April 15, 2009

my lucky day

Last week i was at my parents house when ben hands me his phone and tells me it is his sister breanna - anyhow so i answer and she asks me what i have planned for the next day, thursday, - and thinking she wants to do something i am vague in my answer and say just work but it is pretty flexible and then she drops the news - would i like to see Wicked tomorrow - and as my hearts starts racing i say of course - anyhow she proceeds to explain how her boss has this one ticket they aren't using because they are going out of town so would i like it- OF COURSE i want it- i was so excited because i had debated about waiting in the long lines to try and get a ticket but since ben had already taken me to see it in chicago i while back i thought i could survive without going this time - anyhow so i tell breanna of course i want to go and then i told her to tell her boss that i was very happy that they had hired her so that i could get this ticket! because of course that was why she got that job so i could go hahaha - anyhow so i got to go see wicked - and just for the record i felt guilt for about five seconds and thought about giving the ticket to someone else who hadn't seen it but then i realized they wouldn't really know what they were missing and i would so i had better use the ticket - i know i am horrible :) so that was my lucky day i got to go see wicked the second day it opened and i loved every second of it and if anyone else wants to give me a free ticket i will gladly use it for them as well - i know i am selfless like that what can i say hahaha

April 7, 2009


i changed the design of my blog in honor of the month that we get to leave for disneyworld yah - i can't wait!