December 27, 2009

christmas time

on christmas day we all got matchbox cars and had races in the kitchen- we did a double elimination bracket and melanie ended up winning- we think it is because of all the knitting her fingers are nimble

i loved this face of addy

lots of presents!
these are the salt and pepper shakers that gracie painted for her grandma all by herself

December 13, 2009


Well it is so cold outside and snowing so much that i wanted to go back to disneyworld - anyhow so i finally posted the pictures of our trip forever ago! anyhow i love it and want to go back- also i haven't posted anything for two months so i am hoping that by posting this many pictures in one post that i am covered for a while!
addys feet poking out of the stroller-
us being bugs!

forgot to put the pictures the right way! oops

i love this picture
ben and i in timeout
this was our first day and i love gracies expression- this was so overwhelming for her!
Me showing that i could be as grumpy as gracie! hahah

when it would get hot gracie would switch and want to ride under the stroller because of the shade-

i love these pictures of the castle

chelsea lost- in case you were wondering


you can't tell from the look on her face - but gracie loved the small world ride- we rode it over and over and over again - she just loved it and would get so upset when the ride was over and we would have to get off