January 3, 2011

two princesses

The day before thanksgiving Alex and Jaquel came over to our house for dinner and then afterwards gracie helped jaquel be a princess - so they put on beautiful makeup and got in pretty dresses with crowns and gloves and all sorts of pretty princess things anyhow and then we took a few pictures and then after that alex had planned it so that gracie didn't want jaquel to change and so she left the house all dressed up and alex took her to his apartment which is up the street from our house and had his apartment all decorated and had the music playing anyhow then he proposed - and happily she said yes - anyhow it was a fun day and gracie loved that she got to help jaquel be a princess :)

I love gracies lipstick and the best part is that she thought she looked so fabulous
Alex and Jaquel playing around
The happy couple - and this was even before she got the ring! you should have seen her smile later! hahah

disney on ice

My mom took some of us kids to disney on ice this year- Gracie was so excited and was changed into her princess dress and was ready to go about 4 hours before we actually had to leave- but it was cute her and addy dressed up as princesses
The whole group

Me and the kidlette
I love this picture because i was trying to get addys attention for the picture and so gracie used her hand and was pushing addys face towards the camera- anyhow it was a fun cute day!!