May 23, 2010

fairy party

Clear back in march or in april mom through the little cousins a fairy party- it was so cute they all came dressed up like fairies and had a little tea party and then had a scavenger hunt around the yard-it was so darling!!

gracie and addy eating
mom had gotten little play dishes and silverware for the girls to use and then they had fairy food-which was just pink lemonade - although the cups were so small that the girls drank like 10 cups!- and then small little cut up chunks of fruit and marshmellows - it was so darling
the table was decorated so fun as well- although i laugh because addy loves food and long after everyone else was done she was still up eating!
gracie and her cousin addy - we call her big addy so gracie doesn't get confused
all the little fairies running around in there dressed getting stuff from the scavenger hunt

broken leg

Gracie broke her leg a couple weeks ago anyhow the sad part is i didn't believe her when she said her leg hurt so i made her try to walk around on it for a few days before i took her in to see the doctor- anyhow after a few days she came home with a beautiful hot pink cast!- which she loved was pink but the first few days she would sob every night asking me to take it off - it was so sad but kind of cute as well!


while we were rock climbing - gracie and addy were entertaining themselves- gracie was so cute because we found this tree and she kept posing for me asking me to take her picture- she is so funny!
Gracie and addy playing in the jeep
Addy was so funny and kept putting handful after handful of dirt on herself- and because she was covered head to toe in sunscreen the sand would stick to her- she was so dirty!
More of gracie posing- doesn't she just look so cute with her hot pink cast!

rock climbing

We went to moab a couple of weeks ago and while we were there we took a couple of hours and went rock climbing- it was a lot of fun- although i was pretty scared and did a lot of screaming - even though i was on the easiest climb!
Ben and i climbed at the same time and i only made it halfway up- ben did the harder climb up and back before i even got to half way- he is super good!
me at about half way- which is as far as i made it- next time i will make it farther

Ben and his friend dave- making sure we didn't die at the bottom
Moms turn
Mitch- he did the harder climb first and kept getting stuck - but he made it up to the top in the end!
Tyler went first and did the harder climb- he climbed it so fast he made it look so easy - which is partly why i decided to try it -but it was a lot harder than tyler made it look! he was so fast is looked like he just ran up the rocks- it was a lot of fun

May 11, 2010

mothers day

A few weeks ago when deseret book sent out their ad that had things in it for mothers day i saw this picture and laughingly told ben that is what i wanted for mothers day- but mostly it was a joke because it was expensive and we have a tight budget- anyhow for mothers day this year gracie and ben surprised me with this beautiful picture- it was such a surprise i cried- i love this picture and the words 'for this child i prayed' anyhow it has special meaning to me and i just loved that my husband saved his pennies and got it for me - thanks ben