August 22, 2008

tag your it

i liked kyras tag your it -and so i pass it all on to you-it is interesting to think about some of the questions

I am: jamie renee johnson

I know: not enough about potty training as i would like too

I want: to be content with my family and life

I have: good friends

I wish: i could know what plan Heavenly Father has for me

I hate: cooking dinner-and then having to clean it up afterwards-

I miss: being young and able to eat whatever i like whenever i wanted to

I fear: spiders

I feel: nervous when i am not in control of a situation

I hear: absolutely nothing-i am at work and it is quiet!!!-which is nice occasionally

I smell: the laundry detergent on my shirt

I crave: these chocoloate lava cake things that they have at chilis -it is good but not good for me

I search: for my stupid car keys every day of my life-i can never remember where i put them

I wonder: why we go through the trials that we do sometimes -and get amazed realizing that Heavenly Father picked these ones for us knowing they will make us the strongest

I regret: not being a better friend sometimes

I love: watching gracie and ben play together -it is so fun to watch her get so excited to see daddy come home

I care: about having the bed made-i don't know why but it drives me nuts not to have it made-ben always laughs at me because even if i haven't had the chance to make it during the day i will make it right before we get in bed

I always: enjoy a good book-always

I am not: a very good cook still-you would think if you follow a receipe how hard can it be -but ben will attest to the nights we have had mac and cheese because the dinner i started was unedible

I believe: it is important to get our food storage ready-right now i am an on a food storage kick and ben always laughs at me because i have my lists of things we need and i get one a week and then cross it off the list -he can laugh at me now but i would feel horrible if gracie starved because i wasn't prepared

I dance: with gracie almost every day-she loves to turn the music on and we dance together-lately she has been bringing her baby in and making it dance as well -it is fun

I sing: in the car and primary songs-gracie always brings out the childrens song book and turns pages and points to a page and then we attempt to sing that song-it is her favorite thing to do lately and even ben will do it with her -it is so funny

I write: nothing now that school is done-yippee-i feel like i was always writing some paper -but not any more

I lose: at skipbo-no matter how hard i try i always to loose to ben-even when i attempt to cheat -but i still love it anyway

I win: the contest for having the cutest family-okay well maybe not -but i think so anyway hahahah

I never: clean the shower-isn't that odd-i clean everything else in the house but that is the one thing ben always does for me -i probably havn't cleaned it once since we have been married and yet it gets cleaned every week-by ben

I listen: to dr. laura - i love her advice-most of the time- although most of the time when i listen what i get out of it is that i need to be better-but still i love her advice and books-and show tunes saturday night-its a radio program on saturdays-if you couldn't guess and i love it

I am scared: bens going to buy a motorcycle one of these days-he keeps asking if he can get one and i keep saying no-but i am scared one of these days he will just come home with it -aahh

I need: new excersize shoes-mine died yesterday at the gym and rubbed a huge blister on my heel when i was on the treadmill because the back got all rubbed off and the plastic piece was hanging out -bummer i hate buying new running shoes because i never know if they will end up being as comfortable as i need them to be

I am happy about: life in general-even if it can be slightly overwhelming hahahah

my happy place

Gracie is my happy place-whenever i get stressed out or upset i can always go to my happy place-

The cartoon Opus-about a penguine- his happy place is at the beach with beautiful women fanning him with leaves and feeding him -- but my happy place is this little girl!

Even though she has turned two is acts like she is two occassionally i still love it-most of the time- hahahah

Especially the kisses-now that she can give hugs and kisses and says "luv you momma"

this picture i managed to get her trying to blow me a kiss i love it-even with her scar and all (you can notice it on the upper right side of her forehead-ya i probably should have taken her to get stiches -hopefully she won't be too made at me when she is a teenager hahahah)

August 12, 2008

busy, busy, busy

Things have been crazy lately, mostly because i finally finished school-so i had finals and that took up most of my time, but in the meantime our family has still had some fun.

The Johnsons took the whole family to Lagoon-which was way fun--I just love rollercoasters-anyhow we attempted to take gracie on merry-go-round and she liked it enough that we decided to take her on more rides-
Ben took gracie on the boat ride and as you can tell from her face-she was freaking out-so he buckled her in with Amare, her cousin, and then ran and hid and i took pictures from a far so she wouldn't see either of us- anyhow by the time the ride had ended she loved it and then she loved all of the rides except for puff the magic dragon-she did not care for that one-and we took her on the ferris wheel-and it was a little too tall for her liking-but overall she loved the rides-which is fun

Birthday Fun-
Gracie also had her second birthday on the 22nd of July-so i made cupcakes-which are easier for her to eat-i was interested to see if this year she would eat them-last year she wouldn't even touch the cake or anything- but this year she loved the frosting that was all she would eat-she would lick it off and then try to grab something else -it was fun
-which i guess is ok that she only wanted sugar because when we weighed her for her birthday she isn't quite 22 lbs yet- which is kind of little i think-so she could use the extra weight hahahaha

Dinosaur Park-
We got a membership to Dinosaur park and gracie loves all the dinos-anyhow it made me laugh because gracie saw all of the other kids putting their face in the picture and so she wanted to try -but unfortunately she was just a little to short -still it was funny because she tried so hard to climb up to the face hole-maybe next year hahaha