October 27, 2009

Carving Pumpkins

Every year the sunday before halloween grandma gets all the johhnsons together to carve pumpkins! It is always crazy with pumpkins everywhere but tons of fun
There is grandma with her spread of food! it was so yummy
Breanna and Russ
Bobbisue & Layne
Grandpa and Amare Everyone focusing and working hard
Gracies finished project - it is hard to tell - but it is a kitty - and she was so excited about it she wanted to sit by it, get her picture by it, but she wouldn't stop swaying back and forth- so that is why she looks retarded in the picture- but oh well she loves it - it even sat next to her in the car on the way home!My finished pumpkin- a scary MONSTER!

Bens finished pumpkin - the grill on a jeep!- those circles are suppose to be headlights!

October 23, 2009


That is me running my first race ever! a 10K - i got it in my head that i needed to participate this year in peach days and so i signed up! I have been saying i want to do it for the past few years and i was happy i finally did it! i decided six weeks before the race so i started with a mile and then would add one every week - and i did a walk/run thing because i don't think i could have ran the whole thing straight! but i did it in an 1:08 - which i think is good for my first run- next year i will have to do better- because it wasn't as hard as i thought it would be - the only embarressing part is the last mile you run with the parade and so i could feel everyones eyes on me! but that is the great thing about an ipod- i just turned the music up! but it was cute ben brought gracie out to the road and so when i ran past i gave her a kiss and then i kept going but apparently she started bawling and crying for her mom- so her aunt breanna picked her up and ran with her for a while to try and catch up! it was cute but it was fun to accomplish a goal!

October 21, 2009

pretty princesses

This is gracie and her friend Haylee- they just had to put on pretty princess dresses and dance around the house! so sweet Gracie loves being a princess! sometimes when we are leaving the house and i tell her to go get ready she will put this crown on and insist that it is what she needs to be ready! i love it!
Mom got her the pretty purple dress for her birthday and she loves it and i made(attempted) to make the cinderella dress for a princess birthday party gracie went to! they both just look so great