January 17, 2010


These are old pictures - if you can't tell - before gracie got her hair cut- anyhow in the fall we went with my parent hiking in the Uintahs - anyhow it was a lot of fun - and i think gracies first hike!

Ben made gracie a walking stick like him - it was pretty funny
The walking didn't last too long- and so gracie spent most of the time on bens shoulders!
Eating lunch- there was this funny squirrel that kept taking our food and then hiding it in the trees and then would come back and take more and then hide it in a different spot- anyhow the squirrel did that for about 20 trips - basically until we had run out of food- food storage i guess!
i love this one with the tiny trees!
Man i had forgotten how long gracies hair had been getting before we chopped it off!

January 3, 2010


This is penny - the new addition to our family- on Monday we were having my family over for FHE and some fun time - so i was getting the lesson ready and at the last second wanted copies of something and we have a kinkos just up the street from us so ben and gracie decided to ride their bikes up -well eddie (our dog) followed them to the end of the street but wouldn't cross it - so they kept going and made the copies and then on the way back ben noticed that there were cars stopped in the middle of the road so he went over and apparently eddie had been hit by a car- very sad news - anyhow we tried to take him to the vet but he died - so it was a sad night at our house- although it was good because my family was their so we were able to have a good time and laugh

anyhow so we got this new puppy because gracie was having a hard time- wondering when eddie was going to wake up and stuff- but she is adorable and so tiny!! Her head is like the size of gracies hands- and her hands are so small! but now everyone we see gracie has to tell them "my dog got hit by a car and died- but i got a NEW dog!!" anyhow it is good for her- ben and i are still a little bumbed- ben because eddie was his best friend- and me because not only did eddie clean my floors but also now i have to potty train a puppy- but she is so darling i don't mind!

January 1, 2010

pretty pictures

Mom got these cute dresses for addy and gracie to wear when tyler spoke - after coming home from his mission- anyhow the girls never could both look good - anyhow but i still love them - addy looks so darling in her red dress and gracie loved her because it had sparkles- which for a three year old makes everything better!

Mom then continued on and took pictures of each of us kids - here is chelsea looking fabulous
Alex - looking . . . well i don't know how to describe it
Melanie- i love her hair
and me
Tyler and addy-

cinnamon rolls

A while ago mom had gotten gracie a little baking set but the other day we pulled them out so that gracie could help make some cinnamon rolls-she rolled them out and then cut them and baked them- they even tasted good!

I love this picture she is so proud that she baked it and made them by herself -well with a little help from grandma!