September 30, 2008

relief society broadcast

i am sure everyone did -but i loved saturday nights broadcast-i loved it from beginning to end and i can't remember if it was in the prayer or one of the speakers that said they hoped that the Holy Ghost would add to what they were saying to be what we needed to hear and i know that that happened -anyhow i loved sister becks talk about relief society and how even though we are doing good we need to do better-i am just going off memory and feelings so hopefully i am not too off from what she said-anyhow it made me think of how that happens to me all of the time i feel like i am reading my scriptures, saying my prayers, having FHE, going to the temple, being friendly with the neighbors, doing my visit teaching-which is all good but i can do it better- anyhow i also loved the three things she said relief society should do-help with personal growth, with family and with others- so i figured that even in my regular life when i am doing something i should look at those reasons and make sure that it falls into one of those categories- i don't know she said so much great things that after it was over i was sad i did not bring a notebook to take it all in- i also loved Elder uchtdorfs (??) talk i loved that he told us to come out of ourselfs when we feel sorrow and hardship and to help others i know that for me it is too easy to wallow in self pitty and just plain sorrow when things are hard and are emotionally upseting but i loved that he told us that they way to find happiness is to find God's happiness and that by showing compasion to others that happens -anyhow i know it was all things that i have heard before but i love how the Holy Ghost works and speaks to us exactly and specifically the things that our spirit needs to hear-it is wonderful -anyhow i told ben though-now when i want to scrapbook he should let me because really it is helping with my spiritual growth- hahaha -let me know what you loved

-i know it was silly to talk about what i liked but i thought if i wrote it down it would help me remember it better -so that is what i did -hopefully it helps hahhaa

September 26, 2008

the kitty

Well lately i have been bugging ben to get a dog-luckily he keeps saying no because really i don't need another little creature to have to potty train- anyhow so we decided to compromise and get a free kitten for a week -well we got one and of course gracie LOVES it- she takes 'the kitty'-that is the kittys name i didn't want to name it and get too attached so we call it 'the kitty' -and puts him in the baby swing, in the bathtub, at the dinner table, in her blanket. . . she carries 'the kitty' everywhere-these pictures don't show it but if you could see her arms you would see that that sometimes 'the kitty' doesn't appreciate being drug from place to place-

i have to watch gracie closely though because she already is showing signs of having a temper because when the kitty doesn't do what she says she picks the kitty up and yells at him to stop with a delayed please -because we are trying to learn that if we say stop then we need to say stop please- and then chucks him across the room-which i promise is not how i parent hahaha - but at other times watching them play together is the cutest thing and melts my heart -
it was really funny -after getting scratched so much she found this old basket in the garage and so she would put 'the kitty' in it and carry him to avoid being scratched and then the funniest part is she puts him in the basket on bens skateboard and then gets on herself and pushes the two of them around the driveway-it is very ingenious on her part -

September 23, 2008

my exercise program

Well when we were at peach days we went to the book buy at the library where you can fit as many books as you want into a grocery bag for 2 dollars -anyhow one of the books i saw was 'bob greens 12 week body makeover" anyhow and since it was so cheap i threw it in the bag-and on monday i started the 12 weeks -along with both Naomi, mother in law, and Breanne, sister in law, -anyhow i am excited-it is kind of hard work and quite often-but it will be okay as long as there are results-i am willing to try anything once

I decided to post that i was doing this in a way to motivate myself to keep going and finish it -that is also why i tried to get Naomi and Breanna to do it with me because the more the merrier and more likely i will keep going -so i guess if you see me in the next few months you will have to tell me i look better-just so i think that this program is actually working hahahah
Here is my best 'before' picture i could find-i never get my picture taken- hahaha

September 18, 2008

my feelings exactly

-isn't this how you feel sometimes- hahaha
i read Tenilles post and decided to do my job with some of the things i am grateful for:
1. Jenny-her and her miracle just made me so happy that i can't help but smile

2. Ben & Gracie-although that is an obvious answer so here is a specific reason for each

-Ben - because he keeps saying no to a puppy-which deep down i know is not a smart idea but they are just so cute that i keep begging-so i am grateful he keeps saying no or else i would be cleaning up puppy messes right now

-Gracie - because she loves to dance and so whenever we are just sitting and being lazy she turns on the music and we dance-which is a good form of excersize so i am grateful that she gets me up and moving

3. Kim-it is rare to find a true friend -and she is-Heavenly Father knew i would need a friend like her now and so he sent us to the home that we are in now so that i could meet her-i am very grateful for friendship - very

4. Eddie-because as annoying as he is sometime-hes our dog- he always cleans the kitchen floor and i am thrilled about that-sometimes he even gets the food before it touchs the ground hahah

5. Scriptures - i know it sounds kind of cheesy - but lately i crave-which is unusual for me because usually that description is for chocolate only- but i crave the peace and knowledge that comes from them - it is weird it will be in the middle of the day and i will get excited to read that night to see what new thing Heavenly Father is trying to tell me

6. - i will have to fill this one in later- i am still thinking

September 16, 2008

my pretty special husband

I am pretty lucky to have such a great husband-although i am sure most people think the same about there own husbands-anyhow lately i have been a little down and out and so yesterday ben came home from work and asked if he could give me a blessing-which i think i was in desperate need of but too prideful to ask for-silly me- i am just lucky that i have a husband who does what he does so that he can be in touch with the spirit to give me that extra support that i need- and also that he honors his priesthood and can use that to help support our family and me- i love him to death-even if occasionally i get mad at him for not picking up his shoes -hahaha- and although it seems a bit silly to post this- i think it's important that he can read this and know that i mean it when i say i am lucky
how sad though-i can hardly find any pictures of the two of us together in them-so this is the best that i could get

September 9, 2008

my book

Here is my scrapbook project i have been working on the last week or so-the book spells LOVE in case it is hard to read -anyhow i finally finished yesterday because ben was so nice as to play with gracie so that i could get it done-anyhow it still needs the rings on the side to make it an actually book but in one of my "oohh my goodness this house is so dirty that it is making my head hurt" and i had to feverishly clean the house so that i could concentrate again-anyhow after one of those times i noticed that my rings were missing which inevitably ment that i threw them away -oh well i guess it is good that they are replaceable

September 2, 2008

preschool & nursery

First of all-i had to call and put gracie on a preschool waiting list-it kind of freaked me out when i was talking to people about the fall of 2010-doesn't that just sound far away-well it is so weird to me that preschool has to be taken care of so early - i mean look at that picture of gracie-she is way to little to even be considering what schools she needs to go to-oh well i guess i am glad that my friends clued me in to the fact that these things have to be done so early-or i would be calling around in the springtime right before she needed to go and people would be laughing at me-oh well -it is still just so weird to me that there is such a long waiting list for PRESCHOOL

anyhow moving oh to nursery-which seems so much more like an age approprate topic to discuss-these are some of her latest pictures-the one below is hard to see but it is actually gracies attempt at drawing a face-there is a sort of circle and eyes and nose and mouth-but only a mother could see the genuis behind this picture-hahahah

anyhow -this picture was funny-we have sacrament meeting last -so when gracie got picked up from nursery she brought me this picture and did her best to let me know that when we pray we don't fold our arms-like mom said we do-but interlace our fingers-as Joseph Smith is demonstrating -any so all during sacrament meeting whenever someone would pray and i would ask her to fold her arms she would climb off the bench onto the floor and knee with her fingers interlaced together-just like the picture-it was so funny it made it hard to concentrate on the prayers being said-anyhow kids just make me laugh