November 10, 2010

cousins playing in the leaves

I went up to visit Mel last week and while we were there we raked up the leaves for the girls to play in! - they were so cute and had a ton of fun

Gracie loved throwing them up in the air and watching them fall on her and addy!
Both kids are playing and happy

Addy is mad

Gracie chucks a huge chunk of leaves at addy
Which made addy thrilled and totally happy
But gracie got mad that addy was so happy - so she went off to sulk - and was talking snotty to mom so that lead to timeout which then ended the fun- gotta love kids!


For FHE a while ago we went to the neighbors and made caramel apples and carved pumpkins - the kids loved it and made huge messes!
This was gracies apple- caramel, chocolate, white chocolate, cinnamon & sugar- what a great combo!
The kids were sooo messy trying to eat their apples- it was so cute and fun though- i want to do it every year
Gracies pumpkin- it is kind of hard to tell but she gave it cheeks and hair as well- because even a scary pumpkin needs to look beautiful


We went 4-wheeling with Alex and Jaquel a while ago - it was so beautiful the leaves were gorgeous and the sun was out it was a way fun day- gracie loved that she got to wear a helmet and drive a "car" - it was pretty cute - although when we got to the top of the mountain she decided she was done and wanted to walk back down to the car-
Alex & Jaquel
Gracie driving :)
The family