June 22, 2010

Wasatch Back

Well this weekend i ran in the ragnar relay race- which is 188 miles with 12 teammates and you run three different times- it was the hardest thing i have even done (including labor- i am debating about which one was harder-seriously) but the coolest thing i have ever done- it took us about 32 hours to finish- we started at 1:00 on friday afternoon and i was runner #5

My first run started around 6 and it was about 8 miles - and it was all uphill!! it was running Avon pass and so it was a dirt trail which made it hard to find a good rhythm - anyhow the one fun thing about it was that because it was a hiking trail- there was a stream nearby and it was really beautiful scenery -

anyhow then my second ran came at about 3 in the morning- and it was about 5 miles of rolling hills- it was incredibly cool because there were no street lights and all i had for light was my head lamp- anyhow for a while i was worried i wasn't on the trail because no one was around me - but eventually a van drove by so i felt better- but it was so cool running at night like that because i couldn't see anything except for the circle of light directly in front of me- anyhow it was weird because you couldn't tell if you were running uphill or downhill- it was cool

after that run we did manage to get about an hour and half of sleep before we started our third leg- which i ran at about noon and that was about 3.5 miles and my map showed that it was flat except for a little bump in the middle- well when i turned the corner the little bump was a mile straight up the mountain- which at that point i was so tired i really wanted to burst into tears and give up - but i made it- really i don't know how - except for the million prayers i was saying in my head! anyhow but i finished and so did our team - and now i can't wait to do it again next year- it was the best experience ever!!

Me with part of my team driving up to Logan to start

My first run- look how happy i look- i obviously did not have a clue about what was ahead! hahah

This is me dieing after my first run :)
I loved this sign because it summed up the whole run!
Us women on the team! My awesome van teammates - they were the best!
Starting my last leg!
The triumphant finish with all 12 of us 32 hours later!!

craft day

Gracie and i have different days of the week and monday are craft days - well last week we painted rocks and made a rock garden and this week we painted a bird house- both of which she was very proud of
Her friend Gabe helped with the rock garden

little dancer

Well gracie finally had her dance recital a week or so ago- and she was so darling in it- as you can see from the video of the dress rehersal she did not really move a muscle the whole time!- it made me laugh so hard because she has the whole thing memorized but she gets on stage and freezes; however, the actual performance she did bend down to the ground with the rest of the girls and then one other time i think her leg twitched! but still it was great and i was a proud mom who loved the whole thing

i loved the costume- and so did gracie -at first she was nervous about wearing it but then she decided she was super cute and wanted hundreds of pictures in her dress
She was so cute - she kept telling me that if i put makeup on her then she would wipe it off- well after seeing the dress reherseal and all the other girls wearing makeup - she allowed me to put some on her the next night- funny kid
The day of the recital all day long she would go find where her dress was hanging and have to fluff it- made me laughOn stage
Proud parentsIt was so cute- uncle alex brought her a flower

June 9, 2010

gracies walk

Well this morning gracie got herself dressed in her favorite color- can you guess -pink! - oh and the cute hat she made at grandma johnsons house- i love it! anyhow she was so excited and kept telling me how cute she was - so she decided that because she looked so cute she wanted me to take her picture by the bunnies- anyhow and this is the walk that we took from the top of the stairs to the bottom and to the garage

Every time we would pass something she would say "take my picture like this" and then i would take it and she would come look and so 'how cute' and then want another picture- so all of these pictures are gracie directing herself and telling me when to snap a shot!
We made a stop by the bike

she wanted to do several poses

now she is using the railing

posing by the car
and finally to the garage with the bunnies- our final destination- it only took how many photo stops to get here? - but i love her anyway- it was super cute