August 31, 2010


Last night when gracie was begging to stay up late Ben turned to her and said - no it's a school night- we both looked at each other and kind of freaked out a little bit- yes gracie started preschool today and it a weird feeling to be a mom with a kid who is old enough to go to school-

Gracie of course loved school and couldn't wait to go- which means she is growing up and that is nice- but it is also sad that my baby doesn't need me 24/7 anymore- anyhow she looked darling and i love that she is growing up!
We bought just a normal bookbag for school but then gracie decorated it- it turned out super cute and i love that she did it! - although i did write her name for her

August 26, 2010

birthday girl

Well my baby turned 4 last month and it was a fun day for her- she started out with daddy making her breakfast in the shape of whatever creative thing she could think of - and then the reason that she had dad make her breakfast and not mom- was becasue ben covered the pancakes with sprinkles and syrup and all other sorts of sugary items- anyhow so we started the day with her bouncing off the wall!
Later gracie had a birthday party at grandmas house with all sorts of friends and family- seriously there was a ton of people - who knew that at 4 she was this loved! hahah anyhow at the party the kids got to decorate cookies- which ended up with mostly knives going from from frosting to mouth and totally missing the cookie altogether! anyhow it was a lot of fun

Then we did presents - which she obviously loved - gracie loves clothes and so alot of what she got was pretty dresses and dress ups!
This little house is what ben and i got her and below is her saying thank you to her dad!
and then we had birthday cake- and because apparently to be a good mother you need not only make a birthday cake but a fabulous birthday cake- chelsea and i attempted to make a castle- i love this picture because i am telling her to blow out the candles and she is looking at me like i don't think so- anyhow luckily her friends were there to help her finally blow the candles out- but i laugh because i don't know how much time chelsea and i spent making that cake and then probably a sixth of it got eaten and the rest was thrown away! - oh well at least we have pictures :)