March 30, 2009

my love-hate relationship

i really enjoy going to the gym and it makes me happy that i have accomplished something - and also it makes me not feel quilty about eating my chocolate :) - anyhow but there are two machines i really hate but also love at the gym the first is this stupid stair stepper called the gauntlet - and let me tell you it is pure misery - i sweat so much on the machine that when i am done i can literally wring my hair out because it is so wet that it is dripping sweat onto the top of the machine - below is a picture of the cursed machine - however - after i get off i feel so good about myself and happy that i made it to the end so i can't decide if i love it or hate it but on saturday i decided i really didn't like it because i sweated so much on my ipod that it doesn't work anymore - it got too much water damage -

The other machine that i really have mixed feelings about is this machine below called the butt buster - and it really is that - you are on your hands and knees pushing weight up - anyhow the entire time i am on this machine i am thinking about how great it will be to be done - but it is the same thing once i am done i am happy that my rear end is tightening up - so that is why i do it even though i hate it so much

March 17, 2009

gracies room

well it is nothing spectacular- however, it is done which in its self makes me very happy - ben still is not such what he thinks about the pink - but gracie loves it and tells everyone that her room is pink - so i guess it is worth it :)

March 16, 2009

horrible mother :)

so have you ever had those moments when you realize that you are a horrible mother :) - well that was me this morning - last night gracie was freaking out about going to bed so i just left her in her room to have a hissy fit at the door and i could hear her eventually fall asleep bawling at the door with her fingers under the door just reaching out - anyhow so i went to bed and around three i heard her crying in her room - well i figured she had just woken up because it was uncomfortable sleeping on the floor - so i just let her cry herself to sleep again - it was only for about 15 minutes - so in the morning i go to get her out of her room and she is just sitting on the floor playing with her toys like nothing happened - so i come in to play with her and i notice her hair looks funny - which she gets really bad bed hair so that wasn't out of the ordinary - anyhow upon further inspection i realize that there are chunks of food in her hair - yes her is the climax - gracie had thrown up last night and spent the night sleeping in her vomit!!! -- aahhh - i felt so horrible - however i think i served my punishment - trying to wash that stuff out of her hair almost made me sick- however i think for the next few months - when gracie crys during the night - i am at least going to check on her - poor child - hahahah

March 10, 2009

pathetic, i know

So i had been slowly painting the house and when i was doing the living room the tv had to come off the wall and ben put it on the couch - well one morning i came into the living room and this is what i saw - pathetic, i know - first because gracie is crouched up on the couch and is just inches away from the tv and second because this made me think that our tv is way too big - hahahah