August 7, 2009

Lagoon Day

Stake lagoon day was super fun this year - ben and i were lazy and didn't want to go on any of the rides so it was fun being the picture person and everyone was so great and would take gracie -and she loved it! Going down the river! Naomi took gracie and amare to go on the boat ride -which the line looks short but it is the slowest! moving line ever- anyhow i look over and apparently to entertain herself gracie started licking the bars! it was disgusting to watch but at the same time i still had to snap a picture
Bobbiesue, Naomi, Ben, and gracie on the tilt a whirl- gracie didn't know what to think about this ride
Ben and Brian went on the sky coaster ( i don't know if that is what its called) anyhow ben has really been wanting to do it for forever so this was part of his birthday present! i loved my lucky shot as they were swinging over the top of us
Gracies cousin, Amare, was so cute and would help gracie on all the rides and then show she when to wave and smile for the camera - it made for much better pictures this year! Ben got a little tired halfway through the day and took a napGracie was so good about waiting in line and was just so pleasant all day long - even without a nap - it was so nice - although i am paying for it today because man is she being a pill!And of course the merry-go-round - you can't go to lagoon without going on it - and in gracies case you have to go on it over and over and over again! even my nephew kyan went on it - although some of the time he didn't know whether to laugh or cry! anyhow it was a pretty great day - thanks bob!