August 17, 2011

birthday diva

Gracie had her birthday this last month and turned 5! She is just so grown up and such a diva! All she pretty much wanted for her birthday was clothes and not just any kind of clothes but 'rockstar' clothes- anything that is rockstar is cool to her and so i did my best and got her some rockstar clothes which of course she had to try on and demonstrate how she could be darling in them - i love all of her posing - it is just great!

getting a hug from the birthday girl!
For her birthday we took gracie and her best friend megan to chuck e cheese - they were super cute together - but i laughed because they had this ride that would take your picture on it and then some other booth that would take your picture and put it on a credit card type thing- anyhow gracie and megan both did those two things over and over and over again - i ended up with about 20 picture of each of them at the end- but oh well it was cute!

Later we went to moms and had dinner and a pinata! It was a lot of fun!

And of course a cake- which was greatly enjoyed - as demonstrated by the cake all over the face!

dance recital

Gracie had her second dance recital back in june and she did so great compared to last year! This year she walked onto stage and did most of the singing and dancing! It was just so darling to see how much she has grown up in one year! She had two dances this year - which required a costume change and she was so fun about making sure we had everything all set up and then when we were changing she kept saying 'hurry mom' but even with her hurrying we had to stop and reapply her lipstick! She is just growing up so darn cute and i love that Heavenly Father sent her to our family and lets me get to be her momma!
also as a side note- when did my hair get so long! I've had short hair for so long that when i see myself in pictures i don't recognize myself!