September 15, 2010

picture time

Well we had gracies birthday pictures taken this year by the same lady that did her pictures last year- Sheena- and i loved them just as much this year as i did last year- gracie has definetely become a little less shy around the camera and in fact half way through the photo shoot sheena told me gracie started posing herself and so they worked out a compromise - sheena picked one pose and then gracie got to pick one- the picture right above is actually one gracie picked!-anyhow gracie looked so darling in this orange dress that chelsea and my mom got gracie for her birthday- and fyi- my friend ashley did gracie and my hair- there is no way i can ever get it to look good hahah

Loved the picture above!

Ben loves this one with penny!--half way through ben came and brought penny and so she got to be in some of the pictures
Love these pictures- and i love the bright green shirt!
Sheena offered to take some pictures of ben and I - and i told her she was really making her editing job a lot harder with me in the pictures - and she did a great job- because i actually look pretty decent :)
I love them family photos- now i wish we had a wall big enough so i can frame all of them because i couldn't decide which i liked better
Gracie was making me laugh so hard during the family shots because i use to have a bag of mini marshmellows and everytime gracie would smile and listen i would give her one- well out of habit i through the bag of marshmellows in my purse- well sheena didn't really need them for the first half of the photo shoot- but i laugh because after ever picture with ben and i -gracie would run and get a marshmellow and bring it to us! - apparently she thought we were doing a good job :)
Ben of course loved this family photo because i let penny be in it- it actually looks pretty good as well
Miss Pennys beauty shot hahaha
and the reward for being so great- a huge sucker at the end!