November 18, 2008


Thank you everybody that made my birthday so much fun this year - i felt like it lasted for a week at least :) yah - anyhow so thank you -especially ben who was SUPER nice to me and let me do what i like for my birthday week - love you all

thanks again

oh ya - i picked these pictures because the balloons just make it feel like you should be having a birthday celebration for whoever :) -plus i like the picture so why not post it hahaha

November 6, 2008

into the woods

Ben took me to see "into the woods" at the hale centre theatre on satuday and it was so good - i have always loved this musical but seeing it on stage was so much fun - especially because it is a round theater and so the cast members were up and down the stairs in and out of holes in the stage - anyhow i loved it and now i am tring to convince him that i need season tickets-we will see how that goes :) i love you hubby -thanks

November 4, 2008

playing in the leaves

The other day gracie and i were bored so we went to go on a walk but the leaves looked like too much fun so we-hahah mostly me- raked a big pile of them to play in and of course take pictures in as well -anyhow i am really glad that we did now that it is basically snowing today-anyhow i love these pictures-and i was really glad when ben came home and took over the camera because if you can't tell -there were definetly two different people taking these pictures-the normal pictures- me - and the very good ones-ben -i love my hubby -yah