April 15, 2011

alex & jaquel wedding

It was a very exciting day - it was so beautiful and the sun was shining- it was just perfect and jaquel looked beautiful and alex was soooo excited!
I love this picture - Jaquel is just beaming!

Mom with the two cute girls!
Our nice family!
All of us siblings- i love this picture- we just all look so great and so much more grown up from when we did this type of picture when i was getting married!
Mom with grandma and her sister
Chelsea and Chase
Jaquel with all the cute flower girls!
Mitch- my fabulous brother-in-law- showing off how the bride should have been holding the flowers!
Gracie with the bouquet!
A day just wouldn't be complete without her sulking in the corner!
At the reception they had a fun lake and bread for the kids to feed the ducks!- gracie and addy had a lot of fun running around
Gracie with her uncle tyler
And again our family!