July 30, 2009

Our vacation

As mentioned earlier in my blog - we went with the johnson clan to jackson, tetons, and yellowstone - we kind of hit it all - it was a ton of fun - and the best part was bob got us tent cabins so they had bunk beds with matresses and then down the way they had flushing toliets, and showers - aahhh- so as far as camping goes it was good - we still had to cook and be out in nature but we could do it clean and on a comfy bed! -it was the best
This is me, gracie, amare(my niece), and layne(brother-in-law) out in the canoe on the lake - i was freaking out at any little movement because i thought it might tip- that is why you can't see our faces in the picture -because all of the closeups -my face looks retarded! but gracie loved the canoe- anyone that would take her out she would go with - it was cute

Gracie at yellowstone
picture of the tetons- can you believe some of us climbed up and over that thing! it is amazing
gracie fishing - of course i couldn't help because the idea of fishing is a little too much for me - but luckily gracie has uncles that are willing to take over that job!
There was plenty more fun but this is just a glimpse of it!

July 23, 2009

Gracie is three!

Gracie had her birthday yesterday and we had a lot of fun - we went to the zoo- it was alot of fun - although towards the middle of the afternoon when temperatures reached 100 we left because the heat was a lot for gracie to handle! anyhow but it is cute she tells everyone that she is big now and when you try to explain that she is going to keep getting bigger - she doesn't want to hear about it because in her mind she is big and there is no way she could get any bigger! Ben with his turkey vulture arms!
Bens sister, Bobbisue, and brother, Brian
Gracie and grandma
Gracie getting her cake Trying to blow out the candles - it seriously took her ten times to blow out that last candle - which was good for me- the camera person - because i missed it the first few times! hahah
Gracie also got to go swimming with the boys- which was a lot of fun - but man was it hard to keep an eye on multiple kids when you are only used to one!
I took gracie down the slides a few times but the last time she got dunked and was DONE!

July 18, 2009

answered prayers

We took this fabulous vacation with the johnson so the tetons and yellowstone - which i will eventually post pictures about - but one of the days we took an extremely difficult long hike up the tetons starting in idaho and over the tetons ending in wyoming! - it was a long very fun hike-after it was over - anyhow part of hike did not have a trail we were leaving one trail and trying to connect with another trail - well it was snowy and steep and i was freaking out that we were going to be the idiot hikers that would be on the news the next day because we had died because we had left the trail- at one point we came to a ridge that dropped off - so we hiked over to another ridge - and as we were walking over to the other ridge i said a prayer just asking that please let us be able to go down safely and could i please just have a miracle- because i did not want to freeze on the mountain or die trying to go down something that wasn't safe - anyhow so i say my prayer and i look up and my brother in law is at the edge and it looks like he is waving at someone -
Well i come over to the edge and there is this old man coming up what we are trying to go down - anyhow i couldn't believe that my prayers were answered! and not just that we could go down but that someone had been sent to help us- tim - that was the mans name- had come from jennys lake - which is where we were trying to go - anyhow he told us he had been hiking this way for 20 years and had never seen anyone come this way before and that he must have be inspired to come today - which i totally agreed with
anyhow it may seem silly that i prayed for a miracle because really the shape or steepness of the trail wasn't going to change but i still just can't believe that Heavenly Father knew i would say that prayer and so he inspired someone to get out of bed, pack a backpack, and then go on a hike - just so that my prayers could be answered! it reminded me that we are all important and the smallest prayers -if they are important to us - can be answered
We have been trying to have a second child and it just doesn't look like it is in the stars for us and so sometimes it seems that my prayers are just hitting the ceiling - but i couldn't believe the love that i felt from above - that told me my prayers are being answered when they can - i loved our vacation and will always have good memories but this will always be something i remember and the best part of my trip - knowing that my simple prayer was answered in such a big way

July 16, 2009

it was quiet too long. . .

Yes - gracie tried to turn herself purple - luckily it was washable! - and yes when i gave her a bath it turned the water purple- funny kid