July 18, 2008

those lazy summer days

Summer has been fun for us with gracie this year-ben took her to a local splash park and tried to get gracie into the water but she did not really want to-she would just touch it with her finger and then step back-he did say that after a while she got less scared of the water-

I stayed with them for a little bit and snapped a few pictures but then went to the club to excerise while ben got some quality daddy time

The parks have been a favorite so far -gracie always comes up to me and says 'play' 'play' which i now know means that she wants to go to the park

This time we took the whole family-including eddie-he even went down a slide himself-ben pushed him- but gracie loves it she spends at least an hour and then i get bored and decide it is time to go and she crys and whines

This time wasn't so bad though-because ben told her we could stop and get an ice cream cone on the way home-so she was thrilled-it was weird though -she took two licks of her ice cream and declared herself done-which is fine with me i don't feel the need to shove sugar down her throat-but still weird for a child to turn down ice cream

July 10, 2008

Playing in Brigham

Yesterday we went to Brigham for the day just to play and have fun and mostly because ben wanted to go to a Pizza Hut buffet-which the closest one we knew of was in brigham-anyhow so we went with breanna and her husband david and naomi which was fun -but we were disappointed because they only served on kind of dessert pizza-which is my favorite part-

anyhow after than Naomi was really nice and watched gracie for us while we went to the movie-it was nice to sit and enjoy a show instead of being up and down a gazillion times -
then we went to the park to watch a baseball game but gracie got bored and so i took her to the playground -she was in such a good mood that i pulled out the camera-but silly monkey -everytime i tried to take a picture she just wanted to make sad faces -so that is what i took- anyhow afterwards we went back home and ben washed the car-which was in desperate need -he was so funny because on the w
ay home we had to take the back roads to try and stay away from Willard Bay so that the bugs wouldn't hit the car-oh well -i guess if it makes him happy-
but then we used the firepit in the backyard and had hot dogs and smores-we even roasted starbursts-because people did not belive me when i said they were good-and ben tried to roast a chicken nuggest-it did not go over very well-but gracie sure liked the marshmellows-i thought for sure she would wake up with a bellyache from eating so much junk-

All in all it was a very fun day

July 8, 2008

the fourth

grandma johnson with gracie
the fourth of july was fun for us-we had everyone over for breakfast in the morning and celebrated ben's birthday -then we went swimming with the family-which was a lot of fun -and then we came back to my moms for dinner and the fireworks-it was a long but fun day-and gracie hardly even made a fit about it

my sister chelsea-what more do i need to say-this picture says it all

mel, me and mom

we also did a pinata-like we do every year -but this year we let gracie pick it out -a monkey-afterwards me and ben kind of wondered about letting her pick a pinata she liked because she might get really upset when she sees people beating it to death-anyhow she was fine with hitting it-which i don't know how i feel about that-but afterwards when it was in pieces my dad-grandpa-gave her the head and she was so upset and was trying to put the head and the body together -so finally my mom -grandma-distracted her with the candy and then threw the pieces away -so it all worked out!

gracie hitting the pinata-with dads help of course

gracie with her aunt breanna and her cute dog -whose name i cannot spell-

when we did the pinata we had to move gracies swing so that it wouldn't be in the way-well she did not like that -she sat in the swing forever with this sad little look on her face-which made me laugh - i know i'm a bad mom-anyhow it was so funny

the fireworks were fun for the boys-meaning mitch and ben- mitch was told he couldn't buy a $200 pack of fireworks so instead he bought one big one for $15 -which i don't know if it was worth it-but we all clapped anyway

mitch's $15 dollar firework

and i forgot the saddest part-when i went to sit down on the picnic table -it CRACKED- it really made me think twice about eating that second ice cream bar-but i did anyway hahah-

July 3, 2008


This morning was so funny- gracie and i always brush our teeth together in the morning -but today i was running late and she was pulling things out of the drawers so i set her up on the counter to brush her teeth while i tried to get her hair done-well i finished with her hair and then she spit and rinsed off her toothbrush so i tried to put her down but she started freaking out and grabbing at the drawer and saying something in baby talk that i can not understand-i thought that when you became a mom you understood baby talk --this is not always so i have realized-anyhow all of a sudden i realized she wanted to floss. So i got her out the floss and sure enough she starts pulling it between her teeth-i guess she has seen mom do it enough that she thinks it is important-anyhow it made me laugh -who knows maybe she'll grow up to be a dentist hahaha

July 1, 2008

vacation fun

After seeing my roomates in Logan we went up to Rexburg-where they are all from - for a family vacation -yahh-although by the time we got to Mels -Gracie was done being in the car and she was wide awake and so for a child who goes to bed around 8 she was up until almost 11:30 -running around in circles and so excited to see her Aunt Mel-she is one of her favorites-

My sister and me

Anyhow Friday morning mitch made us breakfast -crepes yummy-and then we went to Jackson Hole-for gracies first time ever-and mine for a while actually- and then dad took us to the bar j for dinner and a show with grandma and grandpa and then all of the cousins-it was so much fun! Gracie was so tired though, as soon as they turned off the lights she passed out!

Mitch, Mel (with her pregnant belly-so as not to be confused with fat), mom, me, gracie, and dad

Ben & Mitch

Gracie at the arch of antlers-isn't she cute with her funky wink

Then on Saturday we went to the Rexburg temple to do family sealings-which was really beautiful and then went to Heise -a water park- and played it was fun and gracie learned how to jump off the edge; although most of the time she would just jump up in the air and then i would have to hurry and catch her or she would land on the side of the pool-because she couldn't figure out how to jump out-anyhow it was way fun!!-i think i might have even gotten a little tan myself!! yah for me

Then we went to my aunt gail for a bbq and some volleyball it was fun playing with the cousins and kids-but by the time we left to come home i was tired!!!-so was gracie she zonked out in the car within two seconds!!

My two favorite people-just lounging around!


Thanks to my glorious roomies whose blogs i loved i was inspired -anyhow it was so fun getting to see everyone together again-it was the same but not -i loved being able to talk and get to see friends again-now that i am so busy friends are hard to find time for!! but i was so glad Cecilia put all the time and effort to get us together

Look how cute well look together

the beginning

Well this is my beginnings of a blog-hopefully it goes well!!
Wish me luck! hahaha