September 29, 2009

super september

oh wait you say - who are those people - well they are no one really just a picture i had saved on the computer from a project in school many moons ago - anyhow i like because i feel like my last few posts are on grumpy things instead of happy things - which i don't like so this is a happy post because most of the time i am happy but just don't post about the regular mundane things that all add up to be happy moments! so here is the month summed up!

1. gracie started dance lessons - and has had two - one she cried and sobbed at with ben and one(today) that she went to class and listened without a parent (me) in the room -although her teacher did say she wouldn't stand up to do anything she would just sit on the floor and try to do it! anyhow but she is progressing so ya!

2. someone sent me flowers! beautiful roses which are still making my kitchen smell beautiful

3. as of saturday night i just got a much shorter title as far as church callings go - which is good because i never could remember the order and name of everything - family, personal, .. . .something

4. i got a cool new office space at work so now i just need to fill it up with pictures and funny comics - which is what i think you are suppose to do! it is nice because usually at work i just work at whatever place is open but now i have my own office! yeah

5. ben got straight A's at school again - and the best part is - i NEVER have to nag at him to do his homework

6. another side effect from the shot is crazy emotions - which is good and bad but lately it makes me laugh so hard over the silliest things - so i think my stomach is getting stronger and will soon be flat!

7. went to peach days and actually ran a 10K for the first time! yeah for me - i never thought i could do it but i did it! so then the whole rest of the day i didn't feel guilty about eating all the crappy fair food because i had already burned it off!

8. Got to see mel & mitch and of course addy, grandma and grandpa o'dair, my aunt and crazy uncle - who informed me that the reason he is skinny is because being good looking burns more calories than ugly! :) also some cousins i hadn't seen for a while plus tons of stuff with bens family - and since i love being around family it was a pretty great month!

9. but one of the best things this month is BEN - ben is hardly ever patient with me when i am grumpy - which i don't blame him because being around a grump is no fun at all - but this last month since i have been on my "crazy pills" as i affectionately call them -i have a huge range of emotions - similar to pregant emotions + PMS multiplied by 10! anyhow ben has been so patient and understanding - as i told my mom the other night - the prayers that are being said to help keep my calm - are not really working but they are helping ben and gracie be able to cope and live a crazy person! anyhow so that is one of the best things this month! now i think i will post another weird picture that has nothing to do with anything but i like it!

September 22, 2009


sometimes i HATE not being able to have kids!! i know that i should be grateful for the wonderful child i do have because many people don't even have that - and lots of people don't even have the opportunity to get married - which i do - so i know that i should be grateful for the things i do have and most of the time that is what i focus on - and i know that everyone has their own trials and hardships and mine is not the end of the world - HOWEVER sometimes i just get angry and want to throw a chair through the window because i am angry and bitter!!!! GRRR- and that is what i feel like right now - and in five minutes i will make myself go back to being grateful but for the next five minutes i think i might be a little bitter and sad! blah

September 15, 2009

Gracies birthday pictures

Well i finally got around to posting gracies birthday pictures! I think they turned out great and she even smiled for some of them- which for gracie is pretty good! - anyhow it was funny though - the photographer would have me leave because gracie smiled much better when i wasn't around- too much pressure i guess! hahah anyhow i love them
Our first family picture since gracie was born! yipee
there is me and gracie with a marshmellow bag- yes i brib my child!- any picture she smiles for i give her a marshmellow! anyhow she was not happy that i was going to be in the next picture( the family shot) apparently she likes to be the star by herself!
Half way through gracie decided she was done- too bad for her - i wasn't done yet
Gracie loves having her nails painted and wanted a picture of it - also these are her cinderella slippers we got at disneyworld - i was nervous about spending so much money on a present that i didn't think she would like once we left disneyworld- but we were lucky they are her favorite shoes ever!
Half-time- i changed her hair!
I absolutely love this picture!
Although this could be my favorite one! i love her weird face!
Showing off her nails- AGAIN
This is when i was still out with her - and before i gave in and went and got the marshmellows! She did not want to get her picture taken and was being so shy - it was almost funny - except that i was stressing that i had a photographer come out to the house and then would have all pictures of gracie growling at the camera- luckily the marshmellows worked and i could calm down! Oh and yes - doesn't moms yard look amazing- that is where we took all these pictures!

September 3, 2009

side effects

so i started my new medicine yesterday - one injection into the leg given to me by my nice neighbor across the street - anyhow when you go to the pharmacy they give you this whole big kit including a warning and side effects pamphlet that is like 10 pages long - well knowing myself i told myself not to touch the pamplet but all day long i could just see it sitting on the kitchen table beckoning for me to come and take a peek - and i resisted for a while but eventually, after ben had gone to school, i gave in and picked it up to read it - well i knew it was a bad idea but i couldn't resist! anyhow the list of side effects is like forever long and i start reading them - headaches- and sure enough my head starts hurting, acne- and i can feel zits on my face just starting to come up, nausa- yep i feel like i am going to throw up, bone density decreases- and sure enough i can just feel my bones getting eaten away and getting small and smaller, hot flashes- yep i am hot(although it could have been because it is still warm outside, but probably not, breast reduction- and sure enough i can feel my chest getting smaller by the minute, anyhow and the list goes on and on and on - and i am checking off every single one on the list because i have that side effect! well when ben came home i started in on all the things that my body is doing - and what does he do -LAUGHS- like it is no big deal and then he hides the pamplet! And this is an example of why you should never read the side effects label