May 28, 2009

Father & Sons

Well yes Ben took gracie to father and sons - because really if he had to wait until he a son to go - it would be a really long wait - anyhow gracie loved it - it helps that all of her friends are boys so it was so cute watching friday afternoon as all the boys are out running around like crazy so excited and the dads are making trip after trip to the car and the moms just have this look of joy on their face because finally they will get a break! it made me laugh! but i was productive- while they were gone i stayed up all night and painted the kitchen yellow and then slept in- it was pure joy- anyhow ben said gracie just loved every second of it - they slept in cabins so she got to sleep on the top bunk next to her friend gabe - which was very exciting - in fact i don't really know if her and gabe did anything by themselves - when i was going through the pictures it was hard to find ones with just gracie in it!

May 19, 2009


Mud- it was a day of mud - it started out as a no dirt day- there is a place that the grass doesn't grow and so all the neighborhood kids dig and play in the dirt day - well the moms decided to have a no dirt day after many days of dirt being brought into the house - and so we got out the water- well dirt and water make mud - and once those kids realized that there was not a lot anyone could do about it - so it because a mud day and boy did these kids get dirty! Gracie loves the boys - uriah and gabe- gabe is the one hugging her and he always tells everyone he is going to marry gracie - and some days gracie agrees and some days she doesn't - it is pretty funny - but i do love that she has friends - it relieves some of the guilt i feel about not having a sibling for her to play with

It just made me laugh to see them dig a hole and then fill it up with water and they kept saying they were having a mud bath- which was basically correct - it was a mud bath- gracie was so dirty - before we went in the house i stripped her down and hosed her off - which lent itself to alot of hollering and running around the yard and me trying to chase with the hose and spray occassionally - and this was just a few days after my surgery so i wasn't very quick and so the boys dad came over and had to help me catch her and hold her down! well then i drug a naked sort of clean princess across the yard and up the stairs and she is sobbing for gabe and dumped her into the tub- luckily ben came home then because her hair was so caked with mud that it was going to take a lot of scrubbing and i couldn't bend over very long without hurting my incision and so ben got the fun job of scrubbing her down - which made for a lot more screaming - but since i wasn't involved really anymore i was laughing like crazy in the living room - trying to make myself stop because everytime i laughed it hurt me - anyhow it was a fun afternoon