March 16, 2010

valentines day

Gracie loves our neighbor Gabe- and vise versa- they always talk about getting married and all sorts of things that probably will never happen but are cute anyway! - anyhow after i explained to gracie that we give valentines to people we love - she was very insistant that gabe got one- so we went to the store and she picked pink barbie valentines for gabe- thinking of him i am sure- anyhow then we came home and because we are practicing writing her letters she had to write to gabe and from gracie- without any help!

well it is really hard to see but gracie wrote this valentine to gabe all by herself- the letters are all there- anyhow i did laugh though because gabe looked at it for less then a second before tearing into and eating the candy! but at least i got a picture of gracies half an hour of hard work for her special friend gabe

March 12, 2010

goofing around

One afternoon gracie was bored and so her and ben were taking funny pictures with the computer- it made me laugh- gracie just loved them

March 4, 2010

writing letters

Well i have been trying to help gracie write her letters and her attention spand is about 5 minutes- so mom had this good idea to try and have her practice in pudding - anyhow so i spread out some wax paper and plopped some pudding on the table - needless to say -it was a great success - gracie loved being able to write a letter and then lick her figure clean- although after about 25 minutes it had regressed down to just doodling and licking fingers - but still it was a lot of fun!