April 6, 2010

surprise party

Well Mom turned 50 this year and so we decided to have a surprise party for her- a week late- that really made it a surprise because her birthday had already come and gone before we did it!

Anyhow it was a lot of fun everyone drove down for it - and i took mom out shopping while everyone else decorated the house- ben and alex borrowed the neighbors air compressor and filled up about 200 balloons and then ben found this net and had them all tied up to the ceiling so that when mom walked in the kitchen he pulled the net and the balloons fell down on her- it was a lot of fun- anyhow after that we went to chuck e cheese- yes us grownups did- and we had pizza and games - we had three contests- one was who could win the most tickets with one token, melanie won - another we had a skee ball tournament which dad won and then we also had a basketball shootout and alex one that - anyhow we had medals for the winners to wear- it was lot of fun and we ended up being their for about three hours

then we came home and chelsea had made this delicious cake - as seen above- anyhow it was lot of fun

my princess

Gracie loves dress up and everytime we go to grandma andersons house she pulls out our old dance costumes and puts them on!! - i just loved these pictures

April 4, 2010

animal crackers

Gracie is in dance class this year and the song that they are dancing/singing to is animal crackers- she loves this song!! everywhere we go she sings it so here is a preview of her singing

also i am sorry i could not figure out how to flip the video -so it is crooked- but we were mostly going for sound so that is ok