June 18, 2012

Ragnar 2012

 Let me just say- I love these relay races!!  I did my first one in 2009 and now I've just finished my 6th relay!  This one was a lot of fun because I got to do it with mom- sort of - we were in different vans so I only saw her when I passed off the baton to her but still we had fun at the finish line together :)
 I was pretty impressed with ourselves after 197 miles we were still able to jump!  Although this time I was awfully sore - one of our runners ended up getting injured after her 2nd leg so I got to run her third leg- I don't know if my legs were really thrilled with that but they still cooperated
 Ben was wonderful and came and volunteered at the finish line- you can tell that I had only really had 2 hours of sleep over the last 48 hours - I was feeling a little sleepy/goofy

 My van!  We were the the spankin spatulas again and I love our team!  Joel, Sarah, Josh, Terry, Me and Allie- I ran with Joel and Josh last year so it was fun to see them again!

Me hanging out and trying to stretch out in the van!  It is just a lot of fun to challenge yourself and do things that you just don't think you could - my second leg this year was 8.2 miles up a canyon and I still remember the first year I ran this race and my team member ran this and I thought 'I will never be able to do something like that!'  And this year I did!  I ran 8 miles up a canyon and didn't die - it was a pretty great feeling :)  I can't wait for my next race!


Sheena said...

You go girl!! I shouldn't say I couldn't do it...I just don't have the desire to run that much...however I would kill for your sexy legs :). Super proud of you for your 8 mile canyon run!

Cristina C said...


Nice blog. Welcome to http://filmandotherstories.blogspot.se/.

:) Take care!

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