April 22, 2012


Well since I haven't updated my blog since September when Katie was born - here are some random pictures from Sept until now - enjoy :)

Katie was a witch for halloween this year

 Gracie was helping katelynn to play with barbies

Katelynn LOVED the swing and it was the only place I could get her to smile for the longest time 

Gracie learning to write her name at the beginning of the school year

We went to Disneyland in December and these next few are from our trip:

Katie just hanging out
 Smiling at our hands

 They had a HUGE christmas tree

 The small world ride was all lighted out
 The castle was so pretty at night!

 Snuggling with dad

 You can really tell how big the tree is from this picture

Gracie and I eating our suckers - yummy

Back home again and gracie was making katelynn laugh

Gracies christmas card she made for me

Happy baby without the swing

 Very happy baby with the swing!!

Katelynn did not want to crawl using her knees so she would try to push up and crawl in pushup form - it was weird but very cute


Sheena said...

Your girls are so cute! I just love your little family!!!!

Suzanne Robinson said...

Looks like you had an awesome time! just wondering where that amazing castle is with the blue and purple lighting is?

Operion M'Sia said...

Your baby is so adorable.
The ice castle photo is very nice.
Congratulation for having a nice family.

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